Ps GJ Song & UK Team’s Visit & Ministry in Korea

  • 14th-27th Jan 2011
  • Venues: Yoido Full Gospel Church, Shekinah Art Culture Church, Suji Youngnak Church, Kwangmyung Church, PK Conference, Joint Youth Camp & Juwon Church
PK Conference Jan 17th 2011

Easter 2011

  • Easter event of the English Classes on 22nd April 2011
  • Easter Sunday on 24th April 2011
  • Celebration with international food, Easter service, etc

Danish Team Visit

  • 27th & 29th May
  • A team of 13 students from IABC (International Apostolic Bible College) in Denmark
  • Painting, leading the Sunday service & fellowship with lunch

Revive at CIC

  • Sunday 19th Jun 2011
  • Revive led the Sunday service with a time of prayer for the summer mission
  • Revive: A group of Christian students from universities around Cardiff, helping churches in the Welsh valleys


FL Ministry Visit

  • Sunday 3rd July 2011 @ 2pm
  • 35 Korean dancers performed contemporary worship dance
  • Celebration Mobile Team also joined us for fellowship

CIC Baptismal Service (3rd)

  • Sunday 3rd July 2011 @ 6pm
  • Joint Service: CIC & BT
  • Venue: Brackla Tabernacle
  • Ps GJ Song preached and Zhujun (China) gave her testimony and was baptised by Ps GJ Song

Christmas Service & Fellowship

  • Sunday 25th Dec @ 11am & 27th Dec afternoon
  • Venues: CIC, Carol & Bryn’s Home