Leadership Team

  • Pastor GJ Song
  • Junus Pan
  • Ji Hee Lee
  • Kuthala Vellem

Apart from the Leadership Team (LT), a wider team of church members also serve alongside the LT during the academic year and some of them are on the team for training and discipleship purposes.


Ji-Hee Lee: Intercession & Hospitality


Junus Pan & Sani Ang: Sunday Service & Sunday School


Khuthala Vellem: Sunday Service & Pastoral Care


Jared & Lydia Harris: Home Groups


Jacob Scott: Midweek Meeting


Mulongwe Mwelwa: Safeguarding & Admin


Davids Civlis: Covid-19 Response Team

Our church members are encouraged to explore and use their spiritual gifts and talents to build the church (Family) up together.

We are thankful that a number of our former members, who were trained as disciples and served with us at CIC, are now serving the body of Christ around the globe and His Kingdom continues to extend through their ministries, services and missions.