About Us

Cardiff International Church (CIC) is a multinational Family with members from many nations (e.g. 105 countries since 2008).

CIC is:

  • Christ-centred
  • Word (Bible)-based
  • Spirit-filled & led
  • Missional

CIC is currently working in partnership with Newport International Church and is a part of the AC UK which was formed in 1916 as a result of the 1904 Welsh Revival.


In July 2008, CIC was planted through Brackla Tabernacle (BT, Senior Pastor: Roy Lewis & Ps GJ Song on the Pastoral Team of BT was released to plant CIC). (Photo: Opening Service 13/07/2008)

CIC merged with Cardiff Apostolic Church in 2009 and Ps GJ Song was inducted as the Pastor of the newly merged church.

(Photos: Ps GJ Song’s Induction Service in 2009)

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21


We have been called by God to be a channel of His love and blessings to all nations (Genesis 12:1-3). The Lord has taught us about His ownership and leadership of CIC and has proven to be absolutely faithful to us in every way on our journey.

We humbly learn from and support one another in unity as one Family in the love of God. We strive to be more like Jesus and also to be a healthy and balanced church (e.g. upward, inward & outward).

On our journey we continue to write Acts 29 to fulfill the Great Commission (Mt 28:18-20) by hoisting the sail with the wind of the Holy Spirit (e.g. Acts 16: 6-10), also closely working with evangelical networks locally and globally for shared mission.


There has been a strong spiritual and historical connection between Wales and Korea.

A young Welsh missionary Robert Jermain Thomas (1839-31/August/ 1866) was on board the USA ship ‘the General Sherman’ when it entered the Taedong River in Korea (North). The ship was subsequently attacked and burned by Korean soldiers and all were killed including Robert Jermain Thomas in 1866.

However, he had thrown Bibles into the river one of which was picked up by a local leader who used the pages as wallpaper. Over time he read the pages and became a Christian shortly followed by his family. Their home became a church and from this developed the 1907 Great Korean Revival.

The 1904 Welsh Revival also influenced the 1907 Great Korean Revival. A group of Christians in Korea were so moved by the news of the 1904 Welsh Revival that they began a prayer meeting that became the foundation of the 1907 Korean Revival. They learned about the Welsh Revival prayer style (praying together loudly) and still follow the prayer style.

Photo (L): Evan John Roberts (8 June 1878 – 29 January 1951) who was an evangelist and leading figure of the 1904-1905 Welsh Revival.


  • 14-15 Sept 2016, Cardiff City Hall & St David’s Hall in Cardiff
  • To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Welsh missionary Robert Jermain Thomas’ mission to Korea in 1866 and to pray for Wales and Korea
  • Organised by CIC as a God-given mission to Wales in association with Cardiff Church Leaders, Evangelical Alliance of Wales, Cambrensis Choir, Bible Society in Wales, Sound of Wales, local churches in Wales and the delegation (SFGC) from Korea