About Us

Cardiff International Church (CIC) is a home and family for those who are studying, working or living in Cardiff. The majority of CIC family members are university students (e.g. Cardiff Univ, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Univ of S. Wales, Cardiff Metropolitan Univ etc) from various countries.16486858_1528438570518455_2172838608838447328_o

As one family in the Lord CIC members learn and grow together, also caring for and supporting one another. CIC also serves churches in Wales (e.g. taking Sunday service etc) as our mission for Wales. CIC strives to stand firm on the Word of God and be led by the Spirit of God, trying to be balanced and healthy theologically and spiritually.

Since the beginning of CIC the Lord has clearly taught us about His ownership and leadership of His church, being absolutely faithful to us in every way.


CIC_008It has been our joy and privilege to have our church family members and friends from many nations (91 nations, July 2008-present) at our meetings as follows:

  • Europe (26): UK (Wales, England, N. Ireland & Scotland), France, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Norway, Lithuania, Italy, Romania, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Armenia, Iceland, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherland, Latvia, Greece, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova
  • Africa (16): Kenya, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Congo, Sudan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Eritrea, Libya, Malawi, South Africa, Rwanda, Botswana, Mauritius, Madagascar, Algeria
  • Asia (22): S. Korea, N. Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, China & Hong Kong, Japan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Burma, Philippines,  Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Brunei
  • America & Caribbean Islands (13): Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Canada, Peru, USA, Barbados, Chile, Guyana, Guatemala, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia
  • Middle East (12): Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Libya, Jordan, Cyprus, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Israel
  • Oceania (2): New Zealand, Australia



  • Junus Pan (Deacon): Admin & Worship
  • Khuthala Vellem (Deaconess): Fellowship, Drama & Worship Dance
  • Ugis Patmalieks (Deacon): Evangelism, Mission, Student Ministry & Building Maintenance
  • Ji Hee Lee: Hospitality (e.g. Sunday lunch, International Meal etc)

As every member of CIC has different gifts to serve all the church family members are encouraged to take part and try to explore their gifts which are equally important and valued.

CIC has been blessed having a number of committed church family members, faithfully and sacrificially serving in unity. We are thankful that many, who served with us, are now serving His church around the world, although we miss them very much.



  • Hansei University (BTh), S. Korea
  • Wales Evangelical School of Theology (MTh, PhD Cand. 2008-2010), Wales (UK)
  • Converted & Baptised at Yoido Full Gospel Church (Dr. Yonggi Cho), S. Korea
  • Ministry at Grace & Truth Church (Dr. Yong Mok Cho), S. Korea
  • International Ministry at Highfields Church, Cardiff, Wales (UK)
  • Pastoral Team Member at Brackla Tabernacle, Wales (UK)
  • Pastor of CIC (2008-present)

Pastor GJ Song’s heart is for the salvation of the lost and to equip and train future leaders (e.g. Discipleship Course) to serve churches and nations in need. He also senses of God’s calling for him to be a bridge between the UK (Wales) church and the Korean church for their shared mission (website: u-kmission.org). CIC appreciates prayers and support of churches and Christian friends for our mission in Wales for the nations.