About Us

CIC FamilyCardiff International Church (CIC) is a multinational Christian family called by God to be a channel of God’s love and blessing to all nations (Gen. 12:2-3Open Link in New Window). CIC has also been privileged to humbly serve churches in Wales by their invitations (e.g. taking Sunday services etc).

CIC is a Christ-centred, Bible-based and Spirit-led mission church who has been hoisting the sale with the wind of the Holy Spirit (cf. Acts 16:6-10Open Link in New Window). CIC strives to be culturally open minded, theologically balanced, spiritually healthy and missional (Matthew 28:18-20Open Link in New Window; Acts 1:8Open Link in New Window).


CIC_008It has been our joy to have lovely family members from 90 nations (July 2008-present) at our meetings as follows:

  • Europe (25): UK (Wales, England, Ireland & Scotland), France, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Norway, Lithuania, Italy, Romania, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Armenia, Iceland, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherland, Latvia, Greece, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Belarus
  • Africa (16): Kenya, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Congo, Sudan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Eritrea, Libya, Malawi, South Africa, Rwanda, Botswana, Mauritius, Madagascar, Algeria 
  • Asia (22): S. Korea, N. Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, China & Hong Kong, Japan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Burma, Philippines,  Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Brunei
  • America & Caribbean Islands (13): Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Canada, Peru, USA, Barbados, Chile, Guyana, Guatemala, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia
  • Middle East (11): Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Libya, Jordan, Cyprus, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Israel
  • Oceania (2): New Zealand, Australia


Easter 2015Basically everyone is encouraged to take part in various services and ministries at CIC. Some of them also share specific responsibilities as follows:

  • Junus Pan (Deacon) – D1 Leader
  • Kuthalla Vellem – D2 Leader
  • Ugis Patmalnieks – D3 Leader
  • Davids Civlis – D4 Leader
  • Jeffery Luk – D5 Leader
  • Ji Hee Lee – Hospitality

We have been blessed having a number of committed church family members who have faithfully and sacrificially served our church and carry out God’s mission together. We are grateful that many of them are now serving His church around the world, although we miss them very much.

Pastor: Gi Jung Song

  • Hansei University (BTh), S. KoreaGJ Song
  • Wales Evangelical School of Theology (Pre-MTh, MTh, PhD cand. 2008-10), Wales (UK)
  • Converted & Baptised at Yoido Full Gospel Church, S. Korea
  • Ministry at Grace & Truth Church, S. Korea
  • International Ministry at Highfields Church, Cardiff, Wales (UK)
  • Pastoral Team Member of Brackla Tabernacle, Wales (UK)
  • Pastor of CIC (2008-present)

Pastor GJ Song’s heart is for the salvation of the lost and to equip and train future leaders (discipleship) to serve churches and nations in need. CIC appreciates prayers and support of churches and Christian friends for us to carry out God’s mission for nations (Missio Dei).


Sunday Celebration @ 11AM
Lunch Together (free)
Afternoon Fellowship @ 2PM

Discipleship Course

Wednesday @ 7:30PM
Friday @ 7:30PM

Free Cafe & Table Tennis

Saturday 2PM-5PM
Sunday 2PM-4PM (after lunch)

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